Asking prices continue to climb, with several key reasons to explain why this is happening after the emergence of a global pandemic.
There can be any number of reasons to explain why your property isn't performing on the market as you had expected.
If it's left you wondering ‘what went wrong?’, we delve into some of the most common causes that could be preventing buyers from connecting with your home.
Faced with the prospect of a lockdown-free summer, buyers are anxious to move quickly, resulting in record numbers paying over the asking price to secure their dream property.
With leading experts predicting that the house buying frenzy is here to stay, is location still as key as it used to be for buyers?

Compared to this time last year, the value of homes being sold in the UK has practically doubled in the first 15 weeks.
During this period, around £149 billion pounds worth of property transactions have taken place, with industry sources predicting this to climb even higher for the rest of 2021.*
Cities outside of the capital have witnessed a mixture of strong rental growth, high tenant demand and profitable yields, with expectations this will continue to benefit the lettings market over summer.