Homeowners up and down the country are preparing for the pre-Christmas rush, and with the demand-supply imbalance still providing sellers with optimal market conditions, it's likely we'll see a lot more sales to come before the end of 2021.
Every year, buyers and sellers are swept up in a flurry of market activity across autumn, with October standing out as a busy period for selling activity.
Will you be in your new home by Christmas? Here's where you should start:
The average homeowner will be 57 before they’re able to fully repay their mortgage, so paying off the debt early is a desirable financial goal.*
What is there to consider if you want to pay off your mortgage early?
Last year, the number of adults who worked from home inevitably increased to 37% over lockdown.*
Is working from home now becoming the new norm?

With the sales market continuing to boom, many homeowners have secured a high price for their home in 2021, choosing to put themselves in a stronger position by renting during this stop gap period.

What does this mean for the property market?

One-third of homeowners choose to buy or sell in early autumn, making now the best time to put your house on the market.
With children returning to school, could a move be on the cards for you?