For the past 12 years, reports show that August has been one of the most popular months for home moving, with a third of movers choosing to buy or sell between June and August.*
The lettings market has had a record strong month, with reports of a decrease to the length of average void periods in most regions, as well as rising rents seen across the country.
In some parts, void periods have dropped by as much as 50% month-on-month, taking England's average from 22 to 16 days.*
With a lack of certainty on travel restrictions, many Brits are planning to vacation closer to home this summer, giving investors the opportunity to break into the short-let market.
Asking prices continue to climb, with several key reasons to explain why this is happening after the emergence of a global pandemic.
There can be any number of reasons to explain why your property isn't performing on the market as you had expected.
If it's left you wondering ‘what went wrong?’, we delve into some of the most common causes that could be preventing buyers from connecting with your home.