Despite many people agreeing that working from home makes them feel isolated, 85% of homeworking adults now favour a "hybrid" approach of both home and office working for the future.*
Whilst job adverts that included home working have increased dramatically to three times the amount seen last year.*
Are you currently working from home?
Here are our top tips on how you can create a healthy working environment.
1. Keep moving
When we work from home, we tend to be a lot less active than in an office environment.
Exercise is the key to staying in good health, so a lunchtime walk has many benefits and will keep you productive for the rest of the day.
2. Look after your eyes
Looking at a computer screen for hours can be taxing on your eyes.
Aim to follow the '20/20/20 rule'. That means that every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds, this should help your eyes recover from the strain.
3. Create boundaries
It can be tempting to work longer hours from home but remember to have boundaries between work and home life.
Having a home office can be beneficial as a designated workspace that you can leave at the end of the day.
If you don’t have a home office, why not consider picking a space in your home that will be your professional sanctuary.
4. Put a plant on your desk
Plants can play a major role in creating a more peaceful, yet engaging workspace.
5. Natural light is important
Natural light is good for your eyes and mind.
If your home office doesn’t have any windows, make sure you have plenty of lamps producing light.
6. Invest in a decent coffee machine!
Standing up and giving yourself breaks from your computer screen is important.
Getting a coffee can be a well-earned break from work and give you some extra energy to get through the day.
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*National Office for Statistics
**Job search website, Monster

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