Rents outside of London have increased at their fastest rate since 2008, reaching £790 PCM on average.
Whilst rents outside of London have shot up by 5%, London landlords are also seeing a rise in value.
The average rent in London now stands at £943, up 2.1% compared to last year.
Affordability has remained consistent across this period, with average earnings increasing faster than rents, ultimately showing signs of healthy growth in the buy-to-let sector.
With tenant interest 80% higher than the average between the periods of 2017 and 2019, demand is still outstripping supply of rental properties.
What is causing this spike in demand?
- Students returning for the academic year
- Returning demand for city properties post-lockdown 
- Level of rental homes decreasing by 13%
This mismatch in supply and demand has forced rents up and led to the rental market’s fastest paced year since 2016.
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 *Zoopla Rental Market Report