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Government Launch Home Buying and Home Selling Guides posted 9th May, 2019

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) has launched its long-awaited ‘How to sell a home’ and ‘How to buy a home’ booklets. Similar to the ‘How to rent’ and ‘How to let’ booklets, these new resources are available online and are aimed at consumers based in England and Wales. The 'How to sell’ guide covers the key steps of selling a property, lists organisations which can help and shows consumers where they can find further information. The 20-page guide also has a section covering 'How to choose an estate agent' as well as information and guidance on negotiating, choosing a buyer, referral fees and the exchange process. The 'How to buy’ guide, also 20 pages and following a similar format, includes information on leasehold and freehold, mortgages, conveyancing and the completions process.

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