You may have heard spring is the best time to sell. This is usually true. But, if you’ve missed the spring boom, summer may seem like a more manageable timeframe to get your home on the market. Although summer is one season, it lasts a few months, so demand will likely rise and fall for various reasons.  


However, according to Rightmove’s data, June and July also prove to be strong months for offers, with the average home only taking 5-7 days longer to sell than the March peak. * 


Of course, the national picture won’t always match what’s going on locally. Regional levels of supply and demand can also have a big impact on prices.  


Luckily, our team make it their mission to keep our finger on the pulse. We can advise you about the local market and how your unique home fits within it. We also understand what buyers are currently looking for, which could help you sell quickly over the coming months. 


Contact us to arrange a valuation and discuss your summer sale plan.  


*Rightmove data reverse-engineered by   


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