As summer approaches, you may be thinking about giving the exterior of your home a makeover. Rendering your property is not only a great way to give your home a modern touch, but it can also increase kerb appeal.     

Why do people choose to render their property? 

Typically, homeowners will render a property to enhance its appearance. However, it can also prove beneficial by increasing resistance to poor weather. It is important to note that render should not be applied to damp walls, and before rendering, defects and exposure should be looked at to see if they need to be fixed.  


What can you expect to pay? 

As properties come in many different shapes, sizes, and locations, it is difficult to pinpoint an exact price. However, it all depends on the above factors and how much preparation is required before the event.  


Should you seek planning permission? 

Often, planning permission is not necessary. However, properties in conservation areas or Areas of Natural Beauty (AONB) will likely need to be granted permission. It is always worth checking with the relevant authorities before commencing with any work.   


Is rendering likely to increase the value of your home? 

If your property appears to be worn externally, rendering will almost certainly add some sort of value to your property. If you live in an area where fine brickwork and traditional exterior features are very common, you may want to steer away from rendering and consider a new driveway, or landscaping your front garden instead!  


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