Whilst typically homeowners would expect to fare best by listing earlier in the season, the same won't be said for 2021.
Fewer Brits are predicted to travel due to restrictions, meaning there's plenty of time to spend house hunting instead, as well as save towards deposits and moving costs overpaying for flights and accommodation.
What’s the most popular day to move?
One in four pick Fridays for their moving day, giving themselves all weekend to unpack and settle in, with activity likely to peak ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.**
With the stamp duty holiday ending 30th September, this could mean delays for buyers and sellers who aren't prepared in advance, particularly for those relying on moving companies for the big day.
19% of those who bought up to 2018 experienced delays due to the sellers vacating their homes late or not having funds clear in time, so it's important to communicate with other parties in your chain to establish any potential problems before they materialise.**
Why move this summer?
A summer move gives you the best conditions to market your property and have the best weather for the move-in period.
If you'd like advice on why you should choose now to list your home or make your next move, we can help.
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*Property Reporter
**Homeowners Alliance

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