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Operation Parousia proves a success posted 26th June, 2019

Members of the public in Hoddesdon were delighted to meet their local policing team in the town centre as Operation Parouisa launched on Wednesday, June 19. The operation, which was the creation of the Broxbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT), saw SNT and Operation Scorpion officers conduct both high-visibility, uniformed patrols as well as non-uniformed ones. Other covert resources were also deployed. Residents and visitors to the town also got to meet with their local officers at a stall set up in the main square. They were able to raise any concerns, ask questions and receive crime prevention advice and useful freebies. As well as utilising a range of tactics to deter and disrupt criminal activity, Operation Parousia aims to encourage members of the public to contact police as soon as they have any concerns so officers can respond without delay...

Hoddesdon SNT Sergeant James Lacey said: “We were all really pleased with how well received we were by the public and businesses in the town. We had people coming up to us saying how nice it was to see their local team and that we’re doing a great job. “This support is essential for us to be able to effectively police the town. We rely on our communities to contact us and report any concerns or suspicions. “We need the entire community to work with us to help keep the area a safe place to live, work and visit. One phone call could be all that it takes to prevent someone from falling victim to crime.”

The team also made use of a new feedback system called ‘echo’. It allows the public in their own words to text their thoughts and what matters most to them about policing in the town to the SNT. The team then reviews all comments – good or bad – and uses them to help keep Hoddesdon a safe place. Sergeant Lacey continued: “Future deployment of officers under Operation Parousia in Broxbourne will continue, but will be unannounced and deliberately unpredictable, for example using a range of overt and covert tactics at different times and locations. This is to maximise the disruption caused to those planning to commit criminal activity. “I hope this will act as both reassurance to our communities and a deterrent to anyone considering committing crime. You might not always see us, but we are around.”

Picture and story from Hertfordshire Constabulary.